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Excellent models from Alpenkreuzer.

Trailer tents are becoming increasingly popular due to their cheaper price than caravans and their lightweight structure. When folded away trailer tents are very compact making them easy to store and also very easy to tow, having little effect on fuel consumption and being able to be towed by almost any vehicle, without the need for a special licence.

We are dealers for Alpenkreuzer trailer tents and invite you to view our excellent range of new trailer tents for sale. You can view our current new and used stock on our stock list page. If you need any advice, our friendly staff are available to help choose the trailer tent that is best for you.

What is a trailer tent?

Simply put; trailer tents are tents that are cleverly installed into a trailer.

The size of the trailers are normally quite small and very lightweight, this means that the majority of cars can tow a trailer tent and they are small enough to be stored in a garage or to the side of a house. Due to their weight there is no need for a special licence, and so - unlike some heavier caravans - they can the towed by anyone.

The tent will typically fold out of the trailer in a few easy steps, it will have one or more bedrooms that are off the floor and include a soft mattress. This main cabin area will sometimes have a seating area between the beds.

Additionally a trailer tent will generally include a spacious awning, which will either zip onto the cabin tent or already be part of the main canvas. The awning can vary in size depending on the model and intended use (mainly weekend use or several weeks at a campsite).

The trailer tent awning is constructed using a metal frame system. These systems have come a long way in recent years, even for a large family tent, a modern awning will only take around half an hour to setup. Many trailer tents are now "quick erect" and have the awning/living space as part of the main canvas, this means there is no separate canvas to carry and setup, saving time and effort.

As part of your living space you will have an area to cook undercover, with a kitchen unit an optional piece of equipment with most trailer tents. These are sometimes stored inside the trailer, on the A-frame or attached onto the rear of the trailer with the road lights all built in.

There will be enough storage space in the trailer for every piece needed for the tent and more. Some will have enough space for all your camping equipment, to which means you won't need to load up every time you wish to go away. A luggage rack/frame is another useful feature on many units, which can be used for carrying bikes, roof boxes etc.

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