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Folding campers are an excellent alternative to touring caravans and motorhomes due to their ease of towing and storing, significant price savings and better fuel economy. A folding camper may be an ideal first step for those looking to try out caravanning but don't want to pay huge sums for a caravan or motorhome.

What is a folding camper?

A folding camper is a product between a caravan and a trailer tent. The base of the unit is the bottom half of a caravan whilst the top is canvas like a trailer tent.

When closed, a folding camper is lower than a caravan, making it easier to store, i.e. under a front window or in a garage. Folding campers are also easy to tow as they create less wind resistance than a caravan and so have less effect on fuel consumption. Because of their weight they can also be towed by much smaller cars than those required to tow a caravan.

Folding campers can be erected quickly and easily once on site. Usually there are two beds to fold out, with an integral frame that clicks into position to suspend the canvas overhead. The canvas will then be attached and secured into position using elastics. Then, depending on the model, a selection of furniture such as wardrobes, bathroom and kitchen equipment will be fixed into place. This process is very simple and requires no pegging out or guylines and so only takes about 10 to 15 minutes to complete.

Once erected a folding camper will offer you all of the luxury of a caravan. Fixed beds, comfortable seating and a kitchen area takes camping to new level of comfort, as well as a bathroom and hot water (depending on the specification of the model you own. Folding campers are also equipped with 12 volt electrics and mains electrics (when camping at a site with a mains hook up).

If you require additional space, or if you are going on a longer holiday, an awning can be fitted to the folding camper. These are similar to caravan awnings with a traditional frame to construct and will need to be pegged down for stability.

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