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Trigano Camplair S - 2012 Trailer Tents

Camplair S


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Trigano Camplair S Description


The Camplair S is a small, very simple trailer tent. The main cabin area has two large double beds and a centre section, this will all open out in 2 minutes and can be used as is if you just need a comfortable bed for the night. The good quality cotton canvas will also keep you warm on a cooler night and the integral bedroom inner tent means you will be insulated at bedtime.


It has a 2.4 metre awning which will zip onto the main cabin, this may be let attached for ease of erecting. The awning is a modern arched design which looks very nice and also adds to the simple way this awning can be put up with little effort. The frame is very light and only has four pole sections, the main front arch section is zipped into place on the awning and then raised from the ground by pulling on one of the front tie down straps. Both front halves of the awning front panel can be zipped out individually or together to make a nice cool shelter on a hot day.


The trailer is a metal galvanised finish and comes without brakes (it's not heavy enough to need them). There is also no option for a kitchen unit but there is plenty of room inside your trailer to store all your camping gear including tables and camping units.


Trigano Camplair S Specification

495kg Fully laiden weight

2-6 Berth

Trailer size:

144cm wide x 320cm Long (including a-frame) x 110cm height

Tent size:

390cm wide x 450cm long




Camplair S Accessories

Underbed Tents £50 RRP
Front Storage Box £325 RRP
Side Storage Brackets £195 RRP
Luggage Rack £350 RRP


Please call our sales team for special offers.


Camplair S Trailer Tent Differences

Small and simple

Designed to be setup on soft ground in under 15 minutes

Can sleep up to 6 people

Ideal starter unit

Excellent value for money


No slatted bed base

No zip in groundsheet

No kitchen option

It has a lower overall height, you can't stand up fully in the bedroom area

No option for brakes to be fitted


Camplair S Videos

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Trigano Camplair S Pictures

Camplair S 1Camplair S 1 Camplair S 2Camplair S 2 Camplair S 3Camplair S 3 Camplair S 4Camplair S 4 Camplair S 5Camplair S 5 Camplair S 6Camplair S 6 Camplair S 7Camplair S 7      

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