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Holtkamper Cocoon Aero Windforce - Trailer Tents

Cocoon Aero Windforce


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Holtkamper Cocoon Aero Windforce Description

Best of Both

The Cocoon Aero is an amalgamation of two very popular models, the Cocoon and the Kyte. It can be put up in 20 minutes because of its very simple integrated frame system taken from the Cocoon. It also features the very popular canopy/awning taken from the Holtkamper Kyte.

Visually, the Cocoon Aero is striking; fitted with the popular Kyte canopy, its high, arched openings give users the maximum contact with their surrounding environment.

Pole Free Awning

The pole free awning is exclusive to Holtkamper, the entire canopy is set up with one carbon fibre pole so there is very little construction involved and there is no need for guy lines even on windy days.

The canopy/awning is part of the one piece roof structure which makes for a quick and easy set up, this roof runs seamlessly into roof extensions which have been taken from the Kyte, these will firstly, shield the windows and side walls from direct sunlight and rain and secondly, prevent the side walls from getting too dirty as rain doesn't run down the walls. This is beneficial as dirt combined with moisture is the biggest cause of mould forming in tent fabric.

Should you desire more privacy or protection from the elements then a front wall can be fitted (optional) which gives you All-Climate® windows and 2 doors.

Membrane Airco

The Cocoon Aero is also equipped with the Membrane Airco System which creates a consistent and comfortable environment inside the trailer tent by using a double layered roof to keep the internal temperature regulated. The 'climate chamber' between the two layers works to prevent condensation in rainy conditions and to provide insulation in cold conditions. In hot weather you unzip and separate the layers using a few small poles. This causes several effects. The hot air inside the tent rises up through the first roof layer and is blown away by the wind, whilst at the same time the upper roof layer is creating a shadow over the inner roof which prevents the sun from further heating the air inside the trailer tent, leaving you with a cool and comfortable living environment.

Sleeping in the Aero

The Cocoon Aero is suitable for any size of family, along with the large double bed, as it has a range of modular extensions available, such as the children's adventure tent or a Kids tent extension with toilet compartment, this will sleep up to three more people, allowing you to tailor the unit to suit your specific needs.

Kitchen Units

The Cocoon Aero has two kitchen unit options available, there is one type which will secure to the A-frame of the trailer, this is the aluminium Base Kitchen. There is also the option for a fixed unit on the rear of the trailer, this would be a Kyte kitchen and is included in the MTT chassis option. Both the kitchen units feature a 3 burner, gas hob with a stylish glass plate, a practical (optional) water supply and a fitted fridge.


The Cocoon Aero is now fitted with the Wind Force® system as standard; a new and exciting feature that uses over and under pressure to erect and take down the trailer tent automatically at the push of a button. The system is so impressive it received the International Design Award Innovations for new mobility 2012-2013. All that is left for you to do is to tension the few poles inside.


The trailer itself is built onto an AL-KO braked chassis, with shock absorbers and 14” wheels to ensure a safe and stable towing experience.


Holtkamper Cocoon Aero Windforce Specification

» Net weight approx. 250 kg
» Permissible extra luggage approx. 500 kg
» Maximum permissible weight 750 kg
» Luggage space approx. 700 ltrs
» Tyre size 165/70 R 13"
» Mattress approx. 210 x 155 cm





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