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Holtkamper Cocoon - Trailer Tents



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Holtkamper Cocoon Description

Quick and Easy!

The Holtkamper Cocoon is incredibly easy to put up. Due to the integrated frame the main living area of the trailer tent is able to be unfolded and ready to use in minutes, including the zipped in groundsheet, and with NO pegging to do! The front canopy is permanently attached so there is no difficult zipping and unzipping to do, and with only 3 poles and guy ropes this too is incredibly easy to set up.


Inside the Cocoon there is a double bed, with a slatted base to reduce condensation and eliminate the need for daily airing of the mattress. The mattress is made from high density foam, ensuring comfort and longevity, and the aluminium frame, fitted with gas struts, makes the bed very lightweight and easy to lift to gain access to the large storage space underneath.


With Holtkamper's Pack-N-Go system you can also access this 750 litre storage area without unfolding the trailer tent at all. Simply unzip and lift the bed base and canvas (fitted with a gas strut for ease of lifting) thus allowing you to pack and unpack for your holiday easily. There is also a further 250l storage capacity under the soft top of the trailer where you can easily store items such as tables and chairs when in transit.

Membrane Airco

A unique selling point of the Holtkamper Cocoon is the Membrane Airco Tent system, which is a worldwide patented system for ventilation, insulation and the prevention of condensation; air conditioning for your trailer tent and once you use this you will never want to do without it! The material of the Cocoon is already designed to reflect the sun and heat but the Membrane Airco system does even more. The roof is made from two layers of material and this is how the system works. In normal or cold weather conditions you leave the two layers zipped together and the system works automatically. The 'climate chamber' between the two layers works to prevent condensation in rainy conditions and provide insulation in cold conditions. In hot weather you unzip and separate the layers using a few small poles. This causes several effects. The hot air inside the tent rises up through the first roof layer and is blown away by the wind, whilst at the same time the upper roof layer is creating a shadow over the inner roof which prevents the sun from further heating the air inside the trailer tent, leaving you with a cool and comfortable living environment.


The Holtkamper Cocoon trailer comes with 13” wheels, shock absorbers and is built onto an AL-KO braked chassis to ensure a safe and steady towing experience. For those who are a little more adventurous it is possible to have an off-road edition which comes with larger wheels and suspension. It is also possible to have the kitchen at the front or back of the trailer. The kitchen is easily manoeuvrable on integrated wheels and there is also an option for the kitchen to be fixed at the back of the trailer on the extended chassis (MTT trailer only).


The Cocoon Modular has one double bed and can be extended with optional kidstents to accommodate a three berth sleeping area. (5 berth)


Holtkamper Cocoon Specification

» Net weight approx. 250 kg
» Permissible extra luggage approx. 500 kg
» Maximum permissible weight 750 kg
» Luggage space approx. 700 dm3
» Tyre size 165/70 R 13"
» Mattress approx. 200 x 135 cm, spec. weight approx. 40 gram
» Total surface with open front extension approx. 15 m2



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